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Moishe House New Orleans provides a home and space for social programing capable of enriching the local community. Central to our mission is a focus on the Broadmoor Neighborhood and Jewish culture and religion.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Outcomes from Moishe Nola Visioning Sessions

Thank you for participating in Moishe Nola's Visioning Sessions. Pasted below is a list of events and ideas that were brainstormed by the group. We appreciate all your help in this collaboration and look forward to putting your ideas into action. Your interest and excitement about your ideas means a great deal to us, and is a tremendous asset of our Moishe House network.

Please feel free to continue to ask questions and share your ideas. You can email us at Moisheneworleans@gmail.com or contact any of us by phone:

Gill (339)223-3679
Jon (504) 259-7753
Jeff (415)430-5192

Also, help us by taking a brief 2 minute Moishe House survey.

* Comedy Stand Up night
* Talent show
* "Homeroom concept" - Colleagues and Friends lead presentations
* Krewe de mishigas/ Krewe de vieux
* Beer brewing
* Purim party
* Café du monde Hanukah
* Hanuka Party
* Class night/ Hobby night
* Ballroom @ dancing rock n bowl
* City Art tours
* Challah cooking
* Rabi Linden Jewish study Series
* Walking tour of Jewish New Orleans – Central City
* Yiddish learning program
* Progressive support of Israel - Nathan Rothstein
* Tapas/taco Tuesday
* Meet Up at New Orleans many Free music/culture/local flavor events
* Volunteer- house painting Broadmoor
* Day in the park
* Capture the flag – w/avodah (Jefferson ave?)
* Mardi gras parade gathering wk 1 (e.g. Shabbat Potluck on Parade Route)
* Havdala + pregame
* Middle East film festival
* Interfaith night
* Moishe house member of the month
* Prom night/ ball
* Slosh ball / beer Olympics
* Sunday school volunteering
* Rabi + Pastor – interfaith
* Uptown minion
* Hornets game – march 29th
* Shabbat On The Road Tour - Hosts: Shira Glazer
* Brew tour – abita/nola brew
* Cookie making
* Jewish funds for justice conversation
* Tulane students discussion – Michael Cohen
* Laser tag
* Friday Night Synagogue Services - leave from moishe house
* Trolley ride to CDB/French quarter event

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